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10 tips for florists for more followers on Instagram

10 tips for florists for more followers on Instagram


The corona crisis has turned the entire floriculture chain, from grower to florist upside down. Many countries are closed and many florists are no longer allowed to open their shop to the public. You may also belong to this group. This may mean that you’re also sat at home thinking about what you can do to be busy with the most beautiful product in the world: flowers!

We believe that Instagram can help your company to boost online sales in addition to your physical sales. There are already many examples of florists who have become successful on Instagram. But where do you start? This white paper helps florists make their Instagram account more successful. We give you tips and tricks with which you ultimately increase the number of relevant followers.

In the first step, we first consider the basis of your account. Then we share several tips to find more followers. The starting point is that you have to look for relevant followers for yourself. It's not just about the number of followers, but especially about valuable followers. Rather 200 active followers, than 1000 followers who have no interest in your business.

Don't have an account yet and need help getting started on Instagram? Then read our other Whitepaper: 10 steps to start on Instagram for florists.


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