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Flower agenda 2019

Flower agenda 2019


 Holland Flower Bureau will spotlight a cut flower or group of cut flowers every month next year as well, providing inspiring and informative content.

The 2019 Flower Agenda entices consumers to buy flowers for their homes, and provides inspiration and details for the media so that they can publish interesting and useful flower-related content at the right moment. In addition, the Flower Agenda provides growers, traders and sales outlets with an annual guide that can be adhered to.

Timely participation
The 2019 Flower Agenda is already being published in order to offer the various sales channels, producers and media the opportunity to plan ahead and to develop their own participation activities. The texts and photography will be available as soon as they have been completed. We will inform you as soon as they are available.

These are the stars of the 2019 Flower Agenda:

January  Tulip
February  Rose
March Iris
April Gerbera
May Peony
June Lily
July Summer flowers: Sunflower, Matricaria and Limonium
August Hydrangea
September Alstroemeria
October Chryanthemum
November berry flowers: Skimmia, Rose hip and Ilex
December Amaryllis

Source: Holland Flower Bureau (Bloemenbureau Holland)

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