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Parfum Flower Company: journey of scent

Parfum Flower Company: journey of scent


“Our mission is to be the best in sourcing and supplying the world’s most beautiful roses
to enable floral designers to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.”
Parfum Flower Company offers you an experience, a journey of scent, with English garden roses from David Austin and the French scented Meilland Jardin & Parfum roses, as well with many other varieties of fragrant cut roses.

David Austin
No flower can match the romantic appeal of a David Austin Wedding Rose. Blooms start as closed buds to reveal amazing many petalled flowers of exquisite beauty. The blooms are known for their layers and layers of ruffled petals that make them stand out from standard roses. Add to this wonderful fragrances and you create a memory that lasts forever.
There are a dozen glorious luxury varieties to choose from. All roses from the David Austin Wedding Rose Collection have a unique style that sets them apart from other roses.

Meilland Jardin & Parfum
Besides the David Austin Wedding Rose Collection a selection of 14 amazing scented roses from the house of Meilland can be found in our assortment. Meilland’s scented roses originate from France and come in many different shapes. The most famous is the peony shaped ‘Yves Piaget rose‘. A Pink rose with a very nice fruity scent.
Meilland has developed a true luxury rose selection with its Meilland Jardin & Parfum Collection. Roses with exceptional fragrances and beautiful looks.

Parfum Flower Company
We connect. We offer florists and floral designers a connection,  but not only with the source of the roses; In our journey we connect our wholesale partners too. Together we provide the journey of scent. From the farms straight to your flower shop or event location. We do this the best we possibly can. To provide everyone with the best roses, in the best condition.

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