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Even fresher flowers

Even fresher flowers

Regular customers can also buy directly from the growers via our web shop. We call this ‘Hamifleurs Direct’. With this option, we strengthen the ties between you and the grower. It also enables us to provide even better service as well as tailor-made solutions. And the good thing is that you receive even fresher flowers for attractive prices!

Top growers
High quality is always an important benchmark for Hamifleurs. As such, each of the growers that we have selected are top growers that deliver high-quality flowers. They were selected by Hamifleurs because of their capability to deliver constant quality.

How does it work?

The flowers from ‘Hamifleurs Direct’ are available every day from 2 pm until 6 am on the following day. You can order them via our website. The order then arrives directly at the grower. The grower then takes your order fresh from his greenhouse and delivers it directly to Hamifleurs.

Do you want to know about the benefits of ‘Hamifleurs Direct’ for you as a customer? Then please look below under logistics and qualitative advantages.

Advantages in the area of quality:

  • You order directly from the grower(s) of your choice, ensuring you of constant quality and freshness.
  • Flowers are one day fresher than when bought via the auction clock.
  • The grower guarantees good quality.

Logistics advantages:

  • You can already buy during the afternoon for dispatch the following day. This will give you more time to first deal with sales the next morning.
  • Prices are fixed for the next day, eliminating surprises at the auction clock.
  • We can provide tailor-made solutions if you have specific wishes.
  • Long-term fixed prices are possible, in consultation with the grower.

Do you want more information or are you interested in ‘Hamifleurs Direct’? Please contact your vendor or complete the contact form. We will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.