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Grower of the week: Ted van der Gulik

Grower of the week: Ted van der Gulik


Ted van der Gulik is a family-run company that has been in existence for 50 years. The nursery and bulb-forcing business were originally established by Henk van der Gulik, the uncle of the current owner. Since then, the company has grown to cover 18 hectares of field cultivation and forces around 3,000,000 stems, while Patrick van der Gulik has become a co-owner. The focus of the Van der Gulik family lies on top quality and continuous innovation in the assortment. To achieve this, they are members of the Mellflower association, which is devoted to testing and marketing new varieties of tulips. This partnership provides Van der Gulik with a continuous supply of the latest varieties. Van der Gulik is a relatively small company, so each tulip is individually labelled; each one receives the attention it deserves and needs. From potting the bulbs in the soil to forcing the flowers, Patrick and Ted keep a close watch on all their ‘stars’. 















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