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Step-by-step floral inspiration video


Christmas inspiration

Who is not dying for a nice bit of inspiration during this period? That's why Hamifleurs set out to develop this inspiration itself
in cooperation with Bloomtube, an international inspiration platform for florists. Watch the video and follow the step-by-step
explanation from our top arranger and give it your all!


The base of the arrangement is a slice of wood.In this slice small holes are drilled. In the bottom of the branches
the same is done.By using small bamboo sticks the trunk can now be connected to the wood slice.   

Place the branches so they form a circle. In this circle a cluster of variating sizes of cylinder glasses is placed.

Attaches the end of several stem together here by creating a solid framework around the vases.

Uses 1 test tube as water container and twist cones around the tube by using cupper wire.Insert a bamboo stick in
between the cones and tube.

Drill again holes in those positions where you want to place the cone bundles.

To secure the total construction and to make it transportable Marloes twisted cupper colored aluminium wire
around the base of the vases and branches.

If needed you can add one or two extra branches to add more volume to the total composition.

By adding cupper colored bind wire to the small Christmas bubbles you will be able to hang these on the aluminium wires
that are used around the composition.Fill these with water and they serve as small vase.

Also fill the large vases with water and place as first the Ilex branches in the vases.

The ilex branches create a structure that will make the placing of the Amaryllis flowers a whole lot easier.

Remove all leafs from the waxed roses and divide them over the arrangement. The lower flowers of the
cymbidium will be used in the small bubbles; the top part can be used longer.

Wind cupper wires around 1 stem of juniper conifer; these compact torches will add a nice grey/green accent.
Insert a thick stub wire in the torch; this will give you the ability to bend the torch.

As an accent cupper colored Eucalyptus populus is added. 

And also gold colored asparagus with a bit of cupper colored glitter on it.This year we do see a lot of
metallics combined together in one arrangement, a great way to add more luxuriousness to your design.

This large arrangement can of course be made in smaller varieties. Think of just a bundle of cones with one or two flowers in
it as a table decoration.Or one vase, a branch and a larger bubble on a gold or cupper colored plate as a small gift.
Great and workable ideas for you to work with during this Christmas season.

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