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Privacy statement

This is the Privacy statement of Hamifleurs B.V.. Hamifleurs B.V. respects the privacy of all the users of her website and takes care that the personal information you provide to us is treated confidentially and carefully. By providing us with your personal details on the website/webshop so you agree that Hamifleurs B.V. will use these in accordance with this Privacy Statement.
We only use the details that have been given explicitly and voluntarily by the people visiting the webshop/website.You can provide us with your personal details in order to receive information or services, to receive newsletters or to purchase products from Hamifleurs B.V.
Your personal details can be used by Hamifleurs B.V. to inform you about relevant products and services of Hamifleurs B.V.. If you have any objections or wish to correct or view your details you can contact us. Hamifleurs B.V. does not provide your personal details to third parties without your explicit, preliminary consent unless we are obligated to do so by law or court order.
Details regarding your visiting behaviour will be used for research to possibly further optimisation of/and communication regarding our products and services.
In order to identify you when visiting the website/webshop Hamifleurs B.V. will use cookies. We also use the cookies for the collection of data regarding visiting our website/webshop. The information provided by you in this process we use in accordance with laws and regulation and is handled in an appropriate and careful way.You can configure your browser in such a way that you do not receive any cookies. In that case Hamifleurs B.V. does not guarantee that all the services and functions of the website/webshop operate correctly.
On the website you will find links to websites of third parties. Although these sites have been carefully selected Hamifleurs B.V. does not carry or accept any responsibility for the treatment of your personal details by these third parties.
If you want additional information concerning the treatment of personal details you can e-mail your question to info@hamifleurs.nl.



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