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Start Instagram in 10 steps

Start Instagram in 10 steps


The corona crisis has set the entire floriculture, from grower to florist upside down. Many countries are closed and many florists are not allowed to open their doors to the public. Maybe you are included in this group. This may well mean that you are sat at home thinking what could you be doing with one of the most  beautiful products in the world and this being flowers! Or you are maybe in the situation that you may re-open, but are searching for a way to attract people to your shop.

We believe that Instagram can help your business, and alongside the physical sales, can also stimulate online sales and build up good exposure for your shop. There are many examples to be found of florists that have become very successful on Instagram. But where to start? This whitepaper helps florists to make a start on Instagram. We can give tips and tricks to help you eventually have a good basis for your Instagram account.

The first three steps allow you think about what your goal is, who is your target audience, who you are and what you want to project and share. It is important to have a clear vision of this before you start. We then start making an account. Do you already have an account and do you just want some tips and tricks to attract more followers? Then just read our other Whitepaper: 10 tips how I, as florist, attract more followers on Instagram.

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